the worlds first

crypto powered

creator economy

redistributing ad revenue to creators using our utility coin

complete blockchain powered creator economy >>> ad network & utility coin & wallet & market place & social platform

presto uses a first-of-its-kind cryptocurrency powered ad network that distributes ad revenue to content creators based on user-engagement, via our utility coin .

what even is this?

is this an ad network or a social platform? the answer is: yes. but we’re more than just the sum of our parts. we’re a true creator-economy.

utility coin

presto’s economy uses our utility coin, prestocoin. prestocoin can be used to tip content creators, buy our ad-space, buy market place items, or traded like other cryptocurrency.


presto comes with an easy-to-use wallet for consumers to get started on day 1.


presto lets brand partners list products on our marketplace, where creators can promote them, integrated with our ad-network, and users can purchase products.


presto redistributes ad revenue from our ad network to content creators. fans can tip presto creators using prestocoin.

🚀 our team 🧠

we’re the visionaries behind this extremely ambitions undertaking. with a combined 14 years in advertising, a portfolio of work spanning 300+ tier-1 advertisers (like Nike, Lancome, and SAP) and the engineering know-how to build this thing, we’re the ones executing this billion-dollar vision 🚀


💫 ex-disney ad-tech inventor
💫 2x patented
💫 built AR/VR/Interactive ad-tech
💫 directed commercials for Nike
💫 built presto’s web2 beta


🚀 serial crypto founder, 10M+ TVL In protocols
🚀 ex lead Solana developer at OpenSea
🚀 multiple multi-million dollar token and nft launches

but why build it on web3?

unlike other social platforms built on web2 technology (👀 looking at you, TikTok & Instagram 👀) building our technology on the blockchain allows us to redistribute ad revenue to creators based on fan-engagement in a totally transparent ecosystem, with accountability from our community. it’s the democratization of creator monetization 💸.

white paper

are you an investor who wants to add prestocoin to your portfolio? or maybe you’re a fan who wants to use it to tip your favorite creators? or maybe you’re a brand who wants to use it to purchase the most effective ad space on the internet?

Read our white paper to learn more! 

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